About Us

Bologna wasn't only the site of the oldest University, but it distinguished itself over time for the scientific planning character. In 1509 - at the University of Bologna - a teaching was created for the first time on criminal rights. For the first time the criminal problem became an object of cultural awareness and, therefore, of specific rational analysis.
The aim of the Centre is the development of studies about the criminal problem in historic perspective and relating with today.

To this purpose is necessary a meeting of experts of different subjects:

  • specific look in deepth of criminal problems in history and today.
  • research on history of criminal justice in international context, developing stable relations with other similar centres in Europe and beyond.

The Centre is member of GERN (Groupe Européen de Recherche sur les Normativités).

The Centre edits the book series "LAW CULTURE SOCIETY. History and Problems of Criminal Justice", Bononia University Press [BUP], Bologna [http://www.buponline.com] , in all European languages, in the judgement of the scientific board (Marco Cavina [dir.]; Iñaki Bazán Dìaz; Stefano Canestrari; Cesarina Casanova; Ettore Dezza; Tanguy Le Marc'Hadour; Elio Tavilla; Thomas Vormbaum; James Q. Withman) and double-blind peer review.